New flavoured sugars: 101 sweetness shades

Try new flavoured sugars by 101CAFFE’, a delicious alternative to traditional sugar to personalize any drink such as coffee, cappuccino, tea, milk.
To be dissolved in hot water for a cuddle at the end of the day, or in water and ice to cool off with sweetness.

Perfect for cakes, for cocktails and to garnish fruit salad and yogurt with fancy.
Our flavoured sugars will surprise you with their aroma of cocoa, hazelnut, anise and wild berries, now also available in new cinnamon, mint, caramel and ginger flavours: 101 shades of sweetness and pleasant aromatic combinations to be enjoyed all year round. 101CAFFE’ flavoured sugars range is part of “Le Sfiziosità” line, trademark of the company.

They are available both in 90 gr glass jar and in 440 gr pp jar, in all 101CAFFE’ stores in Italy and and worldewide and online.

Try new flavoured sugars: 101 sweetness shades