Pure Origin coffee from Colombia

From Brazil to Guatemala, passing India and now Colombia, our intercontinental journey continues discovering pure origin coffee varieties and the lands from which they come.
For those who like to live a particular sensory experience, 101CAFFE’ has selected some of the most popular varieties of pure origin coffee, to which nature and climate infuse unique aromas and scents of the place of origin, to be enjoyed in all their purity.

100% Arabica pure origin coffee by 101CAFFE’ grown exclusively in Colombia, from the western Andes of Santander area.
It stands out for its soft taste, fruity aromas, moderate acidity and round body.

This Arabica has been roasted and processed in Italy according to the best craft tradition, for an Espresso with caramel and walnut nuances. Its smoothy aroma makes this coffee suitable for meditation. 100% Arabica pure origin coffee from Colombia is freshly ground, delivered daily in practical 250g packs.

This espresso is available in all 101CAFFE’ stores, in Italy and in the world, also in beans, capsules for all Nespresso® coffee makers and eco-friendly pods, as well as online at shop.101caffe.it

Discover mono origin Colombia!