101 CAFFE’ Franchising Network closed the year 2020 with a strong development

December has been full of satisfactions for 101 CAFFE’, the most important network of franchising stores specialized in the sale of coffee in all its shapes (pods, capsules, beans and ground coffee) and portioned beverages: 4 new stores have been opened, a very positive sign of rebirth and desire to look to the future, filling us with pride!

These new stores are managed by entrepreneurs who have decided to open their 101CAFFE’ store despite the difficult period, investing in the portioned coffee and  drinks sector that continues to grow.

Compared to 2019, in fact, the coffee industry in our country has recorded a growth of +12% in volumes and +15.5% in value. And the future prospects are also positive, because the pandemic has changed consumer habits, who is looking now for a “coffee bar” experience to be replicated at home, as evidenced by the increase in sales of capsules and pods compared to the previous year: +24% in both sales and units produced.

Each new opening enriches the entire network with different stories and experiences that we would like to tell:

101CAFFE', the only one franchise on artisanal Italian coffee
101CAFFE' Shop Window, the only one franchise on artisanal italian coffee

In Bollate (a town near the city of Milan), young people are welcome with the new 101CAFFE’ store!

Let’s start talking about Sergio, our “serial” franchisee who opened his fourth 101CAFFE’ store in Bollate, a town in the Milanese hinterland located north-west of the capital, this time with his son Antonio, a very smart and competent boy, an example how young people by 101CAFFE’ can find personal growth and economic realization.

The new 101CAFFE’ by Sergio and Antonio is located in Via IV Novembre, near the city center and the FNM station of Bollate and in a strategic position with all essential services in the surrounding area (schools, pharmacy, post office, shops). The location in such a busy area is really an excellent prerequisite for this new business, congratulations to our franchisees for the excellent choice!

 affiliates of the 101caffe franchise

In Gallarate (a town near the city of Varese) a new 101CAFFE’ store in town center!

Our franchisee Lorena begins her new adventure in Gallarate, a town of 53,000 inhabitants in the lower Varese area, 6 km away from Milano Malpensa airport.

The 101CAFFE’ shop in Gallarate is located in the town center, in Via Mazzini, a minute’s walk from Piazza della Libertà where the beautiful Church of San Pietro is located, the oldest in the town dating back to medieval times.
Gallarate has seized the potential offered by the nearby Malpensa airport, thus transforming itself into a tertiary and commercial center of growing importance and 101CAFFE’ could not be missing! Good luck Lorena!

From loyal customer to 101CAFFE’ franchisee is just a short step!

Won over by coffee and other products, in love with the brand, every time Andrea and Debora entered the store 101CAFFE’ Thiene, of which they were fond customers, wanted to open one near home, all of them.
On Sunday, December 17, this desire became reality: we welcome Debora and Andrea who have inaugurated their 101CAFFE’ store in the Venetian town of Marostica, in the province of Vicenza!
Our new franchisees recently got married and have joined this new adventure with great enthusiasm. They are both very empathetic and outgoing and the customers of the shop immediately found themselves welcomed and at ease, feeding a positive “word of mouth”. Thanks to training at the parent company combined with Andrea’s previous experience in the trade, the new business has immediately obtained excellent results!
The shop, located in Corso Mazzini, a very central and very busy area, is truly beautiful!

 affiliates of the 101caffe franchise

New 101CAFFE’ in Castel San Giovanni (a town in the province of Piacenza in the Emilia Romagna region) opens on Christmas Eve!

Our new franchisee Filippo has got a nice Christmas gift: a 101CAFFE’ store all his own, in the center of the town of Castel San Giovanni, in the province of Piacenza, in Corso Giacomo Matteotti, a few steps from the Town Hall. We welcome him! Filippo has combined the benefits of our training with his many years of experience in large-scale distribution:
He is aware that structured processes, a growing market and, above all, good teamwork are essential to obtain results in business, that are the reason why he has chosen the Franchising system and 101CAFFE’! We are really happy that he has turned to us for his business project. Best wishes for a truly new year!

 affiliates of the 101caffe franchise

101CAFFE’ Capurso, in the province of the city of Bari, in the Puglia region, celebrates Christmas and its first year of business in a special way

Not only new openings but also a birthday celebrated in a special way: on Friday 11 December, 101CAFFE Capurso, the branded coffee pods and capsules shop in the province of Bari, has celebrated Christmas and its first year of business, giving to the community of Capurso five trees to furnish a street of the town at the moment without green. The owners of 101CAFFE’ store in Capurso, Paola and Nicola celebrate a year full of successes, despite the pandemic: this summer, the 101CAFFE’ store in Capurso was named on Wall Street by Facebook number two Sheryl Sandberg, as an example for small and medium-sized enterprises in the world in the virtuous use of its social platforms, to cope with the difficulties brought about by the pandemic, during the presentation of the quarterly financial data of the US giant.



franchisee 101CAFFE'

101CAFFE’ is waiting for you

You can consider the opportunity to open your 101CAFFE’ Franchising store, it is a good time to start your business, since there are still several high potential areas free from exclusivity, both in Italy and abroad, and we are sure you will have great satisfaction with us!

We have prepared for you a webinar that you will receive free of charge via email, to understand:

  • how the Franchising system works
  • the advantages of starting a Franchise business with 101CAFFE’ in the portioned coffee and drinks, entering a growing market that has not been penalized by the Covid-19 pandemic


101CAFFE' Units in Italy
Franchising 101CAFFE' all over the world


101CAFFE’ is the most important Italian brand in franchising in coffee sector, for all coffee makers, specializing in the sale of quality coffee in pods, capsules, beans, ground and instant, from the best Italian artisan coffee roasteries, with 120 active stores worldwide and various business models, from Food retail, to Retail with Take-Away coffee shop, Coffee shop with Market and Coffee truck.

Open your 101CAFFE’, this is the ideal solution for those who want to start a business with a greatly reduced entrepreneurial risk and the support by a structured company for simplified management. Find out more on our page dedicated to our franchise models




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