101CAFFE’ delicious soups in capsules from the “Italian Cucina” range: ready in a few seconds with your coffee maker!

101CAFFE’ delicious soups in capsules from the Italian Cucina range ready in a few seconds with your coffee maker!

They can heat, nourish, comfort you, and ready in a single gesture: these are the instant soups in capsules by 101CAFFE’ “Italian Cucina” range that you can prepare in a few seconds with your Nescafé® Dolce Gusto® coffee maker, without using pans, perfect at office or in any place where you have a coffee maker.

An innovative line that combines the taste of traditional Italian dishes with the convenience of brewing: digestible and nutritious, for those who love to rediscover the typical flavors of our local cuisine. And immediately after, you can make a coffee and enjoy 101CAFFE’ fine blends and delicious drinks. “Italian Cucina” because we believe Made in Italy is recognized and appreciated everywhere.

The “Italian Cucina” range consists of three well-known recipes in Italy and around the world, which share top quality ingredients, such as the Zuppa all’Arrabbiata (Arrabbiata soup), velvety and with a pleasantly spicy flavor, which brings us to the taste of the traditional Roman recipe: penne all’arrabbiata.

Or the Pappa al Pomodoro (tomato soup), typical of the Florentine tradition: soft and lightly spiced, to be enjoyed with croutons, for quick but tasty meals.
And again, the Zuppa Cacio e Pepe (cheese and pepper soup), an exquisite potato soup with a delicate cheese taste, creamy and slightly peppery, from the traditional recipe of a typical dish of the Lazio region.

When you feel like something salty, when you don’t have time to go out for lunch, or for a quick and tasty aperitif, just a mono dose capsule from the Italian Cucina line by 101CAFFE’ created for all coffee makers with the Nescafè® Dolce Gusto® system.

And since we are close to Christmas, it is also a perfect gift to add to your basket, along with many other products to delight your holidays. “Italian Cucina” soups by 101CAFFE’ range are available at any 101CAFFE’ store, in Italy and around the world, as well as online on our e-commerce shop.101caffe.it

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