101CAFFE’ RETAILER OF THE YEAR 2022-2023 for Coffee category

101CAFFE’, the well-known network of shops specializing in coffee and hot drinks for all coffee makers, is for the fourth consecutive year the brand preferred by Italian coffee lovers winning the “Insegna dell’Anno 2022-2023” award (in coffee category).

“Insegna dell’anno” is one of the main market surveys addressed to end users of the most important retail brands and is the Italian version of “Retailer of the year”, a European survey born in the Netherlands in 2003.

This year 101CAFFE’ has been awarded also by Italian consumers who buy on internet, thus winning the “Web Retailer of the Year” award (in coffee category)

In this last edition 550 retail brands were evaluated throughout Italy and more than 240,000 certified preferences were expressed by end users. Consumers have answered a very detailed online questionnaire, made by Q&A Research and Studio Orlandini, both companies specialized in international market research. Awarded brands are those which get the highest score in their category.


​Many items have been evaluated for the final score, such as: product range, atmosphere in store, competence of the sales staff, clearness of information in store, value for money, easy shopping and, as far as e-commerce is concerned, usability, delivery terms and other elements that make up the best shopping experience.

Today customers are “omnichannel” and want to find the same brand values both when shopping in store and online: with these awards the sign 101CAFFE’ has proved to be up to expectations.

“Since we knew about this big research project, we take part every year to it, in order to verify the positioning of our brand perceived by consumers, compared to the average in our market. Being rewarded for getting the highest score of preferences in our category is a great satisfaction for me and for the whole 101CAFFE’ team.” This is the comment of Umberto Gonnella, founder and CEO of the company, who in 2019 got the award “Retailer of the Year” (coffee category) in competition with Nespresso®.

And again: “The date with the survey “Retailer of the Year” for both physical and online stores is like a compass that helps us to keep an eye on all the most important aspects of the activity in the store, during the year, reminding us that everything revolves around customers, who become loyal if we meet the test for judgment of the survey.”

As part of the last edition of “Insegna dell’Anno” the “Sustainability Award” was introduced. On this important topic 101CAFFE’ launched, in the second part of 2022, two important projects: the first is ETHICAP®, a coffee maker system with compostable capsules, which is getting great approval and appreciation from customers thanks to the top quality of espresso coffee brewing and its very low environmental impact, as the coffee capsules are disposed of in the wet like an orange peel (Ok Compost guarantee and TÜV Austria certification).

The second project is the App 101CAFFE’, for iOS and Android devices, available for free download on stores, designed with the aim of facilitating both customers who want to buy online even locally and franchisees in their business.

What in 101CAFFE’ is called “proximity e-commerce” goes right in the direction which keeps safe the good relationship between retailers and customers, acquires new ones and creates sustainable shopping situations also with home deliveries, avoiding the long journeys of carriers that stops in many hubs before getting at destination.

During the last two years retail commerce has changed some ways of approaching consumers.
The brand 101CAFFE’ has reacted evolving from every point of view, but always keeping the attitude to listen to customers: that “King Customer” who must always be at the heart of every strategy and decision in retail.
Thanks to this, the brand has confirmed and indeed doubled its victory with “Insegna dell’Anno” (“Retailer of the year”), for coffee category in Italy.

Morover Gonnella says : “I want to dedicate this award not only to our dear customers who have reconfirmed the special bond built day by day, but also to the network of shops 101CAFFE’ (the property ones and the franchised ones) that with their great every-day job win the trust of customers who choose 101CAFFE’ for their shopping. As well I want to dedicate it to my excellent team that makes all this come true. To all of them I say thank you 101 times!

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