101CAFFE’: the first national advertising campaign is launched

“Scegli il tuo gusto!” (choose your taste!) is the slogan that marks the first 101CAFFE’ national advertising campaign, broadcast from 20 September to 31 October 2020 on LA7 TV.

“Scegli il tuo gusto!” because in 101CAFFE’ stores you will find the widest range of coffee and drinks in pods and capsules, beans and ground, for all coffee makers, that makes the brand unique in the world, for its products and its increasingly innovative formats.

The campaign was created by the creative agency AmikAj in Milan. The spot was shot by 101CAFFE’ store in Turin, inside one of the most important malls in the city, an ideal location for the size and characteristics necessary to shoot, guided by the masterful direction of Max Mellano.

For the media strategy we chose LA7 not only for the affinity of the public but also for the affinity of Vision with the Cairo group, willing to convey a positive message to the consumer, after the historical moment we lived“, says Umberto Gonnella, CEO, and founder of 101CAFFE’

The screenplay of the advertising highlights the values ​​on which the brand identity is based: 60 seconds to present territoriality, culture of coffee, freedom of choice, Italian spirit.

We have favored this format to express what we are, to show the uniqueness of our products. A network made up of many franchising stores, with their own characteristics and ways of presenting themselves to customers. We are all under the same brand but we value the diversity that each territory can express, both in terms of product, because we select the best Italian coffee Roasters, and in terms of people selling in our stores. 60 seconds among the uniqueness and joy of actors telling about products with different Regions accents, speaking with their typical inflections and their cadences“, adds Umberto Gonnella.

The spot, as well as on LA7, will be broadcast on Youtube and on the brand’s social channels and will also be available in 15” and 7″.

We have chosen an ambassador of our brand, Stefano Andrea Macchi, a multifaceted and versatile actor, and voice actor, who embraces our same values ​​and knows how to tell them. A very credible testimonial, who represents our way of being Italian and to whom we can trust. Stefano was able to represent the vivacity and energy of coffee, thanks to the empathy with which he tells what we are. It was a challenging casting and we are very happy to have hired him“, continues Umberto Gonnella.

The spot opens with our “man-brand” that welcomes you inside 101CAFFE’ store and presents the brand, together with other protagonists who are our Franchises and who represent 101CAFFE’ identity throughout Italy: coffee from the best Italian coffee Roasters, the unrivaled range of drinks and the most important brands could not miss. The advertising ends with an invitation to come to the stores and the “call to action”: the exceptional promotion of 101CAFFE’ brand coffee makers.

The launch of the campaign represents a very important milestone for us, which testifies the growth and solidity of the brand, leader in the sale of high-quality drinks and portioned coffee, through a network of over 120 franchising storers in Italy and at abroad, a success that is the result of the work of our Franchises and an extraordinary team”, concludes Umberto Gonnella.

Client: 101 Caffè Srl
Production company: Haibun
Director: Max Mellano
Director of photography: Fabio Casati
Advertising agency: AmikAj
Creative director: Antonio Lodi
Art Director: Alessandra Pansolin
Copywriter: Paolo Bartalucci



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