101CAFFE’ welcomes the Italian Alpine to their centenary Association

The famous national Alpine troops stand out in the cities they are usually going to visit: a large gathering of soldiers, former soldiers, sympathizers and volunteers are taking part this year in Milan, from May 10 to 12, in a three-day event around the city, occurring during the centenary of their Association, born in Milan on July 8, 1919.

Every Alpine troops gathering has its own slogan, which becomes the main theme of the whole events. As far as Milan 2019 is concerned, the slogan is: “100 anni di coraggioso impegno” (“100 years of brave commitment”).
101CAFFE’ wishes to commemorate their courage with two exclusive blends, Grigna and Grignetta, whose names derive from two of the most beautiful mountains in the province of Lecco, the nice Italian city in the north of Lombardy, located on the shores of Como Lake, where one of our excellent artisan roasters is placed and from which 101CAFFE’ Premium coffee blends are coming.

Mountain, Italian and territorial identity, tradition and uniqueness are some of the elements through which 101CAFFE’ pays tribute to the Alpine troops, a proper homage to support solidarity and fraternity values of these brave fighters, representing a real example for our society and for our country