101RECIPES: Gran Torino drink (Big Turin)

Dessert in a cup with a delicious Piedmontese flavor: a blend of Premium coffee created according to a tradition that requires roasting on beech wood, and the addition of a gourmet drink with a taste that has made the Italian region of Piedmont famous in the whole world: the taste of Gianduia chocolate. In this recipe, the mocha and the capsule coffee maker are great friends and “work” together … Are you ready?



  1. In a 1-cup mocha, prepare a cup of 101CAFFE’ ground Monte Rosa Premium coffee
  2. Pour half of the coffee into a small glass (or espresso cup)
  3. Take the capsule of Caffè Goloso Gianduia and pour half a cup
  4. Pour it into the previously prepared cup of coffee, combining the two drinks

Two very simple gestures for a gourmet moment to enjoy in peaceful solitude or with your guests (even when they suddenly come to your home!)



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