Arabica Pure Origin coffee from Brazil

Kenya, India and now Brazil: here comes our 100% Arabica pure origin coffee, exclusively from Alta Mogiana Franca, in western Brazil, an extremely favorable territory. Cultivated at altitudes between 950 and 1100 meters, it has intense aroma with scents of cocoa.

The particular characteristics of soil and climate, in fact, confer to our coffee a moderate acidity, with smooth taste and round body. Brazil is the most important Latin American country in the world as far as cultivation techniques development is concerned and represents a point of reference for all coffee lovers, considering the huge amount of coffee beans exported worldwide.

The main plantations are located in the southern region of the country, in Espirito Santo, Cerrado, Mogiana and Sul de Minas areas.
Colors, joy, samba making our palate “dance”: Arabica Pure Origin coffee from Brazil by 101CAFFE’ is ideal for those who want an Espresso with balanced and lingering flavor and scents of cocoa.

Not forgetting that it is also freshly ground: roasted in Italy, according to the best artisan tradition and sold in practical and recognizable packages of 250 grams, this coffee arrives fresh daily in all stores of the network, immediately after grinding, thanks to an innovation in production process. Its coffee beans stand out from the many versions of “Brazil” on the market.

Freshly ground pure origin coffee from Brazil is available in all 101CAFFE’ stores, in Italy and in the world, from beans, capsules for all Nespresso® coffee machines, to Ese44 eco-friendly pods, and can also be purchased online at shop.101caffe.it

Try mono origine Brasile!