Crème Brûlée by 101CAFFE’: the winning delicious caramel cream!

Crème Brûlée by 101CAFFE’ is a delicious hot drink for gluttony moments; it doesn’t contain any coffee, sweet and delicate just like the dessert from which its name comes from; to be enjoyed either at office during the break or at home with your special guests.

The crème brûlée is popular also in Italy, made with cooked English cream and an irresistible crispy pastry with caramelized sugar.
Despite its name, the crème brûlée comes from an ancient English recipe of the late 16th century: since 1879, at the Trinity College in Cambridge, there is a tradition to prepare this cream by imprinting the school emblem on it, with a red-hot iron. 101CAFFE’ has mixed its sweet flavor cream with caramelized sugar, for a really tasty time.
Greedy people won’t resist this amazing hot drink, with notes of caramel and without caffeine, therefore good for everyone. Just a few seconds to prepare this hot flavored drink, that you can easily prepare with your coffee maker.
Indeed Crème Brûlée by 101CAFFE’ is available in capsules for:

  • Nespresso®
  • Lavazza A Modo Mio®
  • Nescafè® Dolce Gusto®

You can find it:

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