Eight ways to reuse coffee grounds

According to a Coffee Monitor’s research, on average, every Italian drinks 2 coffees a day, for a total of about 1000 coffees every year.
Considering that for each coffee about 7 grams of powder are used, we are talking about 7kg of coffee for each person that is consumed and thrown away every year.
Yet we could recycle coffee grounds: they could become fertilizer, detergent or a valid ally against mosquitoes.

Here are our 8 ways to reuse coffee grounds
1. Remove smells

Ground coffee helps absorb and neutralize unpleasant odors: a bowl placed on the bottom of the fridge eliminates the smell of the foods you love but you have forgotten there.

You can also keep coffee grounds near the sink to wash your hands after cutting some garlic or fish.

By putting a little bit of dry coffee into an old pantyhose and tying it, you will get a do-it-yourself car air freshener that will give your car the smell of your favorite bar.

Alternatively, you can let the used coffee pods dry and keep them in gym bags, shoes, drawers for socks or wherever you need a little “shield” from the smells.

2. Clean dishes

Coffee grounds are a natural abrasive and can help remove build-up on hard-to-clean surfaces such as encrusted foods on pots and pans: take two or three tablespoons and use a little hot water to rub them.
Make sure you don’t use them on porous surfaces like tiles because they could create brown spots.

3. Exfoliate skin

Ground coffee is perfect for exfoliating dead skin cells: just mix a little coconut oil or body oil with coffee grounds and gently rub the face and body with the mixture.

4. Color

Dry coffee grounds are an ideal natural alternative to chemical dyes.
You can create your non-toxic tint to brighten up your hair color or give a rustic and vintage touch to paper, fabric or wood.

5. Soften the flesh

Coffee contains enzymes and natural acids that make it an effective tenderizer; moreover, coffee can be a valid solution to add a touch of flavor to the meat.

6. Fertilize

Most garden soils do not contain the necessary nutrients that plants need for optimal growth.
As the plants grow they absorb the nutrients from the soil, so the gardens need to be fertilized regularly to ensure that the plants constantly have the nourishment they need to thrive.
Ground coffee contains several key minerals for plant growth: phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, nitrogen, calcium, iron and chromium.

7. Restores wooden furniture

If mixed with a little warm water and worked on the surface to be restored, the coffee could be used to remove the scratches on dark wood furniture.

8. Move mosquitoes away

Mosquitoes in the summer are one of the worst nuisances, but coffee comes to our aid: in fact coffee is a natural repellent of the tiger mosquito.
Some scientific studies have shown that the presence of coffee in the vicinity of tiger mosquitoes reduces their reproduction and shortens the life of those that still manage to be born.
Mosquitoes lay their eggs in the water: putting coffee grounds in saucers or other places where water attracts and mosquitoes could act as a deterrent.
Furthermore it would seem that the smell of burnt coffee is an effective repellent against the presence of mosquitoes.
To create a “citronella” it will be sufficient to put coffee powder (or coffee grounds) in a container and burn the coffee with a lighter.

We hope you enjoyed these methods for reusing coffee grounds: we tried them and they gave us excellent results ?



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