Mezdé Dec by 101CAFFE’: the natural aroma of a caffeine-free espresso

There is an innovative and natural caffeine extraction process that uses water, for a truly impeccable result, such as the unique aroma of 101CAFFE’ Mezdé Dec.

Water decaffeination process consists in removing caffeine directly from the green coffee beans, without losing coffee aromatic properties while processing.
“Mezdè” means “twelve o’ clock” in the dialect of Romagna region; in fact it comes from a selected artisanal roastery of Riccione, situated along the famous Italian Romagna Riviera.
Mezdé Dec by 101CAFFE’ is the best answer to those who like to enjoy the intense flavor of a true espresso, even if 98% caffine-free.
It is a Premium blend composed of 80% Arabica and 20% selected Robusta, which preserves the whole intensity and fully-bodied quality of traditional espresso.

Thanks to its high-altitude cultivation it has a refined and well-balanced taste.
Mezdé Dec is available in beans and capsules for Nespresso®, in every 101CAFFE’ store in Italy and worldwide and in our ecommerce

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