Smart Working? Smart Coffee!


In this period of health emergency, the word “Smart Working” has become very common also in our country: to guarantee safety and reduce infections, the activity of many workers has changed, favoring agile, “smart” forms of work especially from home.
Despite being an English expression, it seems it has been created by Italian people, before Coronavirus, and now very appreciated to face the pandemic, discovering its ideal ally in the Italian ritual of coffee: “smart working” requires, in fact, some time interval and taking a break with coffee is extremely necessary to “detach” and recharge to start working with renewed energy.

Coffee becomes “Smart Coffee” and with the traditional Moka, for your morning coffee, to be prepared with more calm and tranquility, during the day your pods or capsules coffee maker is the perfect “smart” solution, practical and convenient for a short break, such as that at office, which allows you to prepare coffee, but also drinks, in a few simple steps.
In this period of real explosion of “smart” work, due to the current situation and supported by technology,
pods or capsules coffee maker has spread more than before in Italians homes, already present at offices, ideal for a quick break during the day.
Our mid-morning and after-lunch coffee, or the afternoon herbal tea represent rituals that continue to mark our days and our daily commitments, small gestures that have remained unchanged, even during emergency.

In this era of “smart working”, many people give up breakfast at the bar but do not want to give up their beloved cappuccino: therefore a domestic coffee maker is enough to prepare a delicious cappuccino, or a practical Cappuccinatore directly at home, like our Milky Way and that’s it! 101CAFFE’ helps you choose among a huge and high quality range: products in pods and capsules, suitable for any coffee maker, for all tastes and needs, as 101CAFFE’ slogan requires, “Free to choose” your favorite coffee or drink, that helps us to live with optimism, even during this period, where every activity must be managed with courage and all the energy of a “Smart Coffee”!