101CAFFE’ AT “ECOMMERCEDAY”: “omnichannel for a rich and customized consumption experience”

101CAFFE’ takes part in the 9th edition of EcommerceDay in Milan, on October 3rd, by the famous Palazzo del Ghiaccio (Ice Palace), for a day of updating on the new technological and digital ecosystem.

101CAFFE’ shares EcommerceDay identity, by adopting in its shops an increasingly omnichannel communication and interactive innovative solutions, well integrated with its values of Made in Italy, artisanship, territoriality and high selection, to engage consumer effectively and successfully, on all available technology platforms.

101CAFFE’ contributes at the event also thanks to its various coffee areas located inside the structure, where selected Italian coffee is offered to all present, as well as delicious alternative drinks, as omnichannel experience goes through our five senses too!