101NEWS – Brand of the year 2021: 101CAFFE’ wins again

Brand of the year

It could be said that at 101CAFFE’, two is not enough but three is plenty: for the third consecutive time, the brand has won the prestigious INSEGNA DELL’ANNO (BRAND OF THE YEAR) award, known in the rest of Europe as “Best Retailer of the Year”.

Why “prestigious”? Because the jury that decides the winners is the most reliable, the most qualified, the most unforgiving: they are the Italian consumers, those who choose the stores where to make their purchases every day, making a series of evaluations and comparisons, and thus giving a grade to the offer, a grade to the courtesy displayed, a grade to the prices, and so on.

The context is that of a major market survey carried out every year by Q&A Research and Studio Orlandini, companies specialized in market research at an international level.

The answers to the detailed online questionnaire, submitted to consumers from the north to the south of Italy, are of great use to the brands of each product category, which can thus obtain valuable information to improve the shopping experience in their stores.

In particular, the evaluations concern the welcome, the preparation of the sales staff, the ease of purchase, the clarity of information in the store, the range of products offered, the appearance of the store, the quality-price ratio and other important parameters that constitute the main “whys” of consumer choices when shopping.

In the “All Coffee” category, the 101CAFFE’ brand achieved very high scores on all the evaluation elements, to the point of overtaking a global brand with strong appeal, Nespresso, in the final.

Winning once again against such an authoritative competitor with great international clout has made us particularly proud of our brand” says a satisfied Umberto Gonnella, founder and CEO of 101CAFFE’. He adds: “The BRAND OF THE YEAR award was won by all our franchisees who work every day in their stores with passion and skill, holding the brand high with all their motivation and the tools provided by the parent company.

We all agree on one point: winning BRAND OF THE YEAR in difficult years like the last two has a meaning that goes far beyond the award itself; it means that our customers have felt that we have lived up to their expectations, that our products and services have met their current needs, that they’ve trusted us, and that they’ve found in our stores every reason to return, becoming attached to the 101CAFFE’ brand and to all that it promises”.

What have we learned? That you should never think that you’ve “made it”: the favor of the customer, the King, must be won day after day, year after year, award after award.
It is thanks to the daily choices made by our customers that 101CAFFE’ is the BRAND OF THE YEAR 2021-2022.

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