How to take care of this essential household appliance

The engine that starts our days is that of our coffee maker.
To make a good coffee in the morning, you don’t need to be so awake: you take the capsule, insert it into the slot, press a button and… here is the coffee to start a new day, we expect rich in taste just like our espresso.
But how would a story like this end (or rather, start) if our coffee maker was dirty, encrusted, obstructed? In the best case, the coffee would slowly flow spashing. Brewing would be bitter and watery. In one word, it would be bad. And the rest of the day would be probably bad accordingly.
There is only one way to avoid the risk of having such an unpleasant experience: always keeping your coffee maker clean inside and outside.

Taking care of your coffee maker is very important

Like all household appliances that use hot water to work, even the coffee maker has to deal with scale and other mineral residues that are deposited inside.
Whatever the brand and model of the coffee maker, periodic maintenance is very important for good taste of drinks, for the hygiene and life of the machine (and so for the economic aspect).
We are talking about coffee makers for home use such as Nespresso® machines like Pixie, Essenza, Citiz and the more complex ones such as Lattissima; the small ones from Lavazza®, such as Tiny, Jolie and Minou, and those of 101CAFFE’ with Italian design such as Perla, Bella and Omega, which work with Nespresso®, Lavazza®, Nescafè® Dolce Gusto® capsules and Ese ecological pods.

Long life to your coffee maker also to protect the environment

Coffee makers, as well as all other types of household appliances (from refrigerators to electric blenders) are involve in EU standards that came into force on March 1, 2021 aimed at extending the life of household appliances, so as to reduce the increasing amount of WEEE waste.
For this reason, now more than ever, extending the life of our espresso makers is not only a need for taste and cup performance, but also for the environment.
The problem of encrusted dirt with household appliances that work in contact with water can be partially avoided by using certain tools such as water filter jugs (in 101CAFFE’ you can find Brita®) and water softeners. The latter are put directly into the water tank, thus reducing the hardness of water.
However, these useful tools do not completely prevent the deposit of minerals in the interested parts and therefore it is in any case necessary over time to descale using specific products.
It’s not just scale deposits: cup after cup, the natural fats in coffee create an oily film that gets solids if not removed, making coffee brewing bad.

Sanitize and decontaminate your coffee maker

The diabolical action is completed by bacteria and mold that thrive in shabby machines where the only worry is filling the tank with water when it is used up.
Thanks to the conversation with thousands of customers who come into our stores every day, 101CAFFE’ knows very well all the problems that arise from a neglected coffee maker and has therefore developed a range of safe and low-cost products that allow you not only to enjoy the best coffee and the most delicious drinks with pods and capsules, but also to considerably extend the life of the device itself, thanks to regular good habits concerning:

  • internal cleaning
  • descaling
  • external cleaning

It only takes a few simple gestures and 5 minutes time to have a coffee maker that’s always as perfect as a new one. On Nespresso® and Lavazza a Modo Mio® systems, you can use LungaVita capsules, the latest product by 101CAFFE’, for cleaning and degreasing the internal parts of the espresso makers (“lunga vita” in Italian means “long life”).

101CAFFE’ LungaVita capsules: reliable and effective or the long life of your coffee maker

The substances contained in these capsules exert a powerful cleaning action, releasing active ingredients which perfectly eliminate the oils, fats and sugar residues which are deposited in the most hidden part of the device, where coffee flows.Without proper cleaning, these parts deteriorate over time, compromising the performance of the device and the taste of the beverages.
The use is very simple: LungaVita capsules go into the same slot you insert the coffee capsules. It’s incredible the quantity of residue that comes out while cleaning with this product! LungaVita capsules will soon be available for other types of coffee maker, in all 101CAFFE’ stores.

Where there is water, there are scale deposits: how to use descaling products

Descaling is the other essential operation for a perfect taste every day.
There are different products suitable for this purpose on the market, but we recommend 101CAFFE’ products: they are available in powder, citric acid-based, and in liquid solution in a bottle with measuring cap, easy to use and also reliable. Discover them all.
Both products work really very well for the instant removal of scale deposits, which inevitably settles in the parts where water flows: from the water tank to the inside of the capsule, before becoming coffee or other beverage.
The descaling products can be used for any kind of coffee maker because it consists of liquid or powder to be mixed with water in the tank, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
Once you have completed the steps of cleaning and descaling the inside parts, you can start cleaning the removable parts of the coffee maker, such as the drip tray, the capsules holder, the cup support grid and the water tank.
You can wash these parts with a normal sponge and a little washing up liquid; obviously, they must be rinsed well with lukewarm water and dried, before repositioning them.
Of course the removable parts should be washed daily, like any other dishes that come into contact with food and drinks.

101CAFFE’ after-sales service: the environment is thankful

The good maintenance practices of household appliances, including coffee makers, allow us to give them a long life and make their use more sustainable by reducing the so-called “WEEE” waste in a perspective opposite to that of planned obsolescence, from which comes the warranty of 24 canonical months for the end user.
Therefore, even for our coffee maker prevention is better than cure.
In case cure is needed, we can count on 101CAFFE’ stores and on their maintenance and repair service.
A correct maintenance of household appliances (including coffee makers) gives them a longer life, making it more sustainable reducing the so called “Weee” waste. This is actually an opposite point of view compared to the “planned obsolescence” which has generated the 24-months warranty for the end user.
And that’s not all: the best products that make up the “cleaning and maintenance kit” are available in our stores, together with advices from our experts on how to take care of your precious coffee maker, the best friend to start a good day.



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