The new PERLA SUPER CREMA coffee machine: turbocharge your coffee!

In the Italian tradition, there are many ways to prepare and enjoy coffee, but even though people have different tastes, we almost all agree on one thing that a cup of coffee simply can’t do without: the cream.

From ristretto coffee to barley coffee in a large cup, everyone wants to satisfy their own tastes and needs, especially at home.

PERLA SUPER CREMA coffee machine

This also applies to those who don’t drink coffee but won’t give up on the ritual of a daily cup.
Ginseng, Moroccan, Macchiatone, Nocciolino, Cappuccino: with all of them, the cream is the element of the drink with which we make the first contact, visual and sensory, and which sets the stage for the most satisfying enjoyment of its taste.


However, home coffee machines often leave you a little disappointed in this regard.

Thanks to our continuous direct communication with tens of thousands of customers who are passionate and always looking for the highest quality at home, 101CAFFE’ is happy to announce the latest addition to its range of coffee machines for home use: the PERLA SUPER CREMA compatible with Nescafé® Dolce Gusto®.

This is the new version of the beloved PERLA from 101CAFFE’, featuring an exclusive new product of Italian ingenuity and taste: the Turbo Mixer!


The PERLA machine by 101CAFFE’, already known to the general public for its all-Italian design and great capsule-based functionality, has now evolved by incorporating a special mechanism: the Turbo Mixer.

Thanks to this innovative brewing system, designed at the 101CAFFE’ headquarters, anyone can make coffee and drinks with cream like you’ve never seen before. With Super Cream!!

With PERLA SUPER CREMA, every coffee you brew will have a velvety and persistent cream, enhancing its taste and aroma.


You will also discover a new creamy quality with the many soluble beverages in the 101CAFFE’ range: chocolates, cappuccinos, gourmet coffees and also the sugar-free, gluten-free and lactose-free drinks of the “Wellness Line”.

PERLA SUPER CREMA works with capsules compatible with the Nescafé® Dolce Gusto® system, a system for which 101CAFFE’ offers a peerless range, thanks to its 95 products (available in packs of 12, 16 and 100 capsules): as many as 17 coffee blends from Italian Coffee Roasters of Excellence, drinks for the whole family such as milk, chocolates, ginseng drinks of various types, mouth-watering coffee-based drinks such as Biscottella, Cioccomentino, Vaniglietta, Caffelatte, Caramellino, traditional pastry drinks such as Torta Panna e Fragola, Torta Pera e Cioccolato and Strudel, and much more.

And, of course, the unmissable and multi-award-winning Nocciolino from 101CAFFE’ , which has become not just the best seller, but the best friend of most of our customers (and, thanks to the Turbo Mixer, has now truly outdone itself!).


101CAFFE”s marvelous assortment of capsules compatible with the Nescafè® Dolce Gusto® system is perfect for letting you choose your coffee or drink in total freedom, depending on the time of day, the mood, the weather, etc., without stress or effort, quickly and without dirtying up your kitchen or workspace:
with one simple action and all the creamy taste that the PERLA SUPER CREMA with Turbo Mixer ensures for every brew.

Small but capacious (the tank holds 1 liter of water!), beautiful and functional, very easy to clean (we recommend the cleaning products available in 101CAFFE’ stores), environmentally friendly with its “Stand By” function after a few minutes from the last use, the PERLA SUPER CREMA is your super friend for super breakfasts, especially on the mornings when you need a lot of energy but have little time available: just four steps for a full-bodied and creamy coffee, or for your cappuccino with a milk foam worthy of the best coffee bars!

Just like the precious pearls that nature gives us in all their beauty, the PERLA SUPER CREAM machine by 101CAFFE’ is available in black and white.

You can find the PERLA SUPER CREAM in all 101CAFFE’ shops in Italy and around the world, and in the online store.



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