101RECIPES: Smoothie with green coffee

smoothie with green coffee

If you want something healthy, tasty and also beautiful, here is a very quick and easy recipe, the 101CAFFE way: with toning effect and all the beneficial properties of green coffee (raw beans, not roasted)

Ingredients for 2 glasses


  1. Bring 100 ml of water to a boil
  2. Put 1 tablespoon of ground green coffee, or 2 tablespoons of green beans, and turn off the heat.
  3. Leave to infuse for 10 minutes, and then filter.
  4. When the infusion is cold, put it in a blender.
  5. Add the ice, strawberries and kiwis.
  6. Blend everything.
  7. Divide the smoothie into the two glasses, which you can garnish with a slice of lemon cut and placed on the edge of the glass.

Perfect before a hard study session, to face a long travel or simply for a snack full of taste and color! We love springtime!



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