INSEGNA DELL’ANNO (Retailer of the Year) 2020-2021: an award won day after day

Love is in the air and smells of 101CAFFE’

After the euphoria of victory, the franchisees of 101CAFFE’ have once again their feet on their store ground and wish to deserve their “Insegna dell’Anno (Retailer of the Year) 2020-2021” sticker every day, which they proudly display in their shop window, and which they obtained thanks to the consumers vote, surpassing the well-known brand Nespresso.

Between lockdowns and reopenings, 101CAFFE’ stores have always remained open throughout Italy (even in the COVID-19 red zones according to the decree) without ever losing hope, giving their customers all their energy every day of the week.

Love is in the air and smells of 101CAFFE’

Insegna dell’anno (Retailer of the Year) 2020-2021 is a very special award won in an unprecedented year, where, over this long period of time, feelings such as fear and fragility have suddenly generated a greater need for reference points and the rediscovery of a precious asset: human relations.

For this reason, the voting criteria of this “Insegna dell’Anno” (Retailer of the Year) edition were of great importance and winning this award was a really moving experience. These criteria relate to typical elements of retail such as product assortment, support, quality, prices, ease of purchasing and store appearance.

101CAFFE’ franchisees give their customers respect and consideration above all else, from the moment they enter the store to the moment they leave and even after.

It happened that franchisees have apologized to their customers for keeping them waiting outside the store by giving them a 101CAFFE’ magazine and offering chocolates to those
who stood in line to reduce the waiting time…These are simple but precious gestures, because they mean “thank you for your patience in waiting for your turn”.

Another example of our franchisees special touches towards their customers, that make a difference, is having to remind with sympathy the most distracted customers of using hydroalcoholic gel to disinfect their hands (by using it themselves at this same moment) in order to get the desired effect in a pleasant relaxed atmosphere in all respects.

Today, the most popular surveys on retail trade primarily focus on the omnichannel strategy, that is to say the presence of several contact channels between a company and its customers (called “touch points” in jargon). At 101CAFFE’, the customer is certain to find something that even the most sophisticated technologies cannot guarantee: a warm welcome.

In Italy, where creativity is unparalleled, a 101CAFFE’ franchisee from the hinterland of Romagna chose to hang posters in her Italian dialect in her shop because in her neighborhood, the dialect is like coffee: it makes you “feel at home”. The expressions “Stam da long un metri” (keep a distance of one meter), “ten pulit al meni” (keep your hands clean) were very funny for customers: such communication makes them feel joyful and close to each other and to the franchisee.

Love is in the air and smells of 101CAFFE’

Usually, franchised stores are not allowed to express their own territorial identity. But 101CAFFE’ promotes brand integration in the territory and this is a real advantage not only for the franchisee but also for customers, who feel closer to the retailer and to the brand.

As in all industries, the most requested services by customers today relate to the possibility of easily ordering from home and receiving products quickly at home. These services are now essential for all 101CAFFE’ stores, especially when it comes to our indispensable coffee or drinks that warm up our days.

In this regard, our customers have also rewarded us by expressing their preference for us. 101CAFFE’ stores have informed their customers about home delivery service also thanks to targeted advertising.
Often, the franchisees themselves deliver coffee and drinks to customers during the store closing hours; when customers express their gratitude, they give them all the energy they need to never lose heart.

Under the 101CAFFE’ brand, both physical and digital stores aim to be as close to customers as possible: this value has always been a part of 101CAFFE’.
This is why 101CAFFE’ dedicates the “Insegna dell’Anno (Retailer of the Year) 2020-2021” award to all those who voted for us and to whom we express our gratitude and affection every day: our Customers.



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