An hour of extraordinary training for 101CAFFE’ franchisees by Mario Furlan, founder of City Angels

Every Monday, 101CAFFE’ headquarters organizes an online meeting, attended by franchisees (Italy) and the whole company; a long-awaited moment because topics of common interest are treated, not always technical and operational but concerning issues such as, for example, the relationship with the public, with one’s team, the management of difficult situations, personal motivation and other issues which involve more introspective work.

On the occasion of the webinar two Mondays ago, we invited Mario Furlan, founder and director of City Angels, a well-known association of volunteers who since 1994 have been providing help and support to people in difficulty, who don’t’ have any home to stay and live precariously.

We met Mario Furlan during the most critical period of Covid and we decided to support this association with a simple but sincere contribution, and we immediately felt very close to the values ​​of this organization which, through its City Angles, gives concrete help and support.

A voice “out of the chorus” that of Mario Furlan, who has so much in common with our way of doing business and franchising, that cannot ignore values ​​such as the desire to grow, to progress, respect for neighbour and personal responsibility.

Motivation leads the work of City Angels, as well as the daily activities of our franchisees, our team, always together to share and spread the mission and principles that make our franchise highly appreciated.

Give the best of yourself, obtaining results with commitment, discipline and perseverance, be responsible when things don’t work as they should, share problems and concerns with a constructive spirit, leading to solutions and development.

These are some of our franchising principles and feeling part of the same team is one of the values ​​that 101CAFFE’ shares with City Angels. The aim is to help entrepreneurs to do business, thanks to targeted training, technology, and relationships for personal and professional growth.

“Mario is one of those people you immediately trust when looking into his eyes, perceiving his empathy, a person who has a lot to give to others; for this reason, I wanted to introduce Mario to all our franchisees, who are very satisfied to listen to different topics, not always technical ones. We will soon share other special guests’ professional and life experiences of great value for us, our company and our franchisees”, said Umberto Gonnella.


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