PANETTONE Flamigni with coffee, an exclusive recipe for 101CAFFE’

Panettone is one of the most traditional Italian Christmas desserts, born in Milan over five centuries ago, conquering everyone with its richness in flavours. Like espresso coffee, panettone has made Italy the symbol of good taste all over the world, with its typical recipes and refinement.

Flamigni is a historic and famous Emilian confectionery company. Together with 101CAFFE’, the latter ambassador of the best espresso coffee, have created an exclusive panettone with coffee and chocolate.

High quality, taste, care and selection of ingredients, tradition, local culture, innovation are only some of the values ​​that Flamigni and 101CAFFE’ brands have in common: Panettone Flamigni exclusively for 101CAFFE’ is born from the skilled hands of pastry chefs who have added selected ingredients to the mother yeast, for a soft and superfine Christmas cake:

“We chose a single 500-gram package for our special panettone, in co-branding with the historic Flamigni confectionery company, prepared according to the traditional recipe of the high-quality Milanese panettone, but made unique thanks to coffee and chocolate. All the company divisions have worked together to create an exclusive recipe that has achieved the perfect synthesis between the craftsmanship and excellence of Flamigni’s confectionery tradition and 101CAFFE’s passion for coffee. Our stores have already received many orders and we are very satisfied with them”, said Umberto Gonnella.

Panettone Flamigni recipe for 101CAFFE’ starts with the soft dough of the traditional Milanese panettone, made with sourdough and strong and elastic grain flour, with sugar, centrifuge butter and egg yolks, from Italian herds. The traditional dough is triumphantly introduced by superior quality chocolate drops, natural vanilla aroma from Slow Food® presidium and a 101CAFFE’ premium coffee blend, for a dessert created especially for people in love with tradition and also surprising variations.

“The current pandemic has upset our lives but not our desire for tradition, quality and sensorial gratification; our customers know they can rely every year on an exclusive panettone, and now they are asking us for excellence too. Confectionery tradition and the taste of espresso coffee have merged once again in a perfect partnership which, with the warmth and flavour of tradition, gratifies our desire for normality ”, adds Umberto Gonnella.

Panettone Flamigni for 101CAFFE’ is available in all 101CAFFE’ stores. Choose the one closest to you, we are waiting for you!


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