101CAFFE’: Pure Origin coffee from Kenya

A sensorial journey around the world, inside a “cup”, to find out where coffee comes from: not only blends, but also pure origin coffee, from a single geographical area: 101CAFFE’ inaugurates its freshly ground 100% Arabica pure origin coffee range, roasted in Italy, according to the best artisan tradition, with its coffee from Kenya, cultivated at an altitude between 1100 and 1800 meters, on volcanic soil, rich in minerals and nutrients that give a particular intensity to beans. Its fruity notes with citrus scents and slight acidity make this espresso perfect for every moment of the day.

Kenya brings to mind Africa and its beauties. Among the wonders of this land, coffee plantations play a very important role. Coffee production in Kenya is one of the most important activity in the country: the main harvest takes place between October and December, while the first shipments begin in November, from the port of Mombasa and continue for almost the whole year.

Caffè Kenya by 101CAFFE’ carries the denomination of AA (flat bean), indicating the size of the beans, the best ever. Coffee of this land has unique flavors, full of intense and fruity aromas.

Freshly ground pure origin coffee from Kenya is delivered daily, in practical 250g packs and is available in all 101CAFFE’ stores, in Italy and in the world, from beans, capsules for all Nespresso® coffee machines, to eco-friendly pods, and can also be purchased online at shop.101caffe.it

Discover Pure Origin coffee from Kenya