The ideal water to get 101% from your coffee

101CAFFE’, the leader brand in selection and selling of high-quality coffee blends and gourmand hot drinks, pays particular attention to all aspects concerning optimal flavour in cups. For this reason, water quality has certainly an important role, whether you are using a pod or capsule coffee makers and whether you are using your Moka.

Key processes such as the selection of raw material, the creation of the blend (coming from the best Italian coffee roasters), roasting and other factors are essential. But also water, as shown by various scientific studies, is important thanks to mineral salts presence which contribute to enhancing the aromas, body and cream of coffee.

In particular, science focuses on the magnesium-calcium percentage in water, whose optimal ratio clearly exalts the unique characteristics of the beverage in the cup.

For this reason, 101CAFFE’ has included, in its range, softeners for drinking water and in particular, the BWT jugs and its filters which, thanks to the patented Magnesium Mineralized Water technology, are enriched with magnesium, retaining chlorine and heavy metals. This system also includes the presence of limestone, typical of the waters of our country (more or less aggressive depending on the area).

BWT jugs are perfect for any kitchen because they are beautiful and colourful; the periodic filter change is quick and very simple and is a gesture that helps to keep any coffee maker in excellent condition. 

BWT and 101CAFFE’ brands are together to offer excellent products and also “running” … Yes, because BWT likes to race to the sound of engines, dyeing the bodywork of the Racing Point single-seaters fuchsia pink for the 70th season of Formula 1 and 101CAFFE’ loves to ride a bicycle: in 2020 it has been an exciting sponsor of the Giro d’Italia Under 23 and that of Imola for the World Cycling Championship. Team spirit, competition, determination and the magic of that historic partnership between water and coffee, for an excellent espresso, are all guaranteed in every 101CAFFE’ store and on shop.101caffe.it. Find the list of stores here 

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