The perfect Moka by 101CAFFE’

When we imagine coffee prepared at home, how can we not think of the Moka and the unmistakable scent it leaves in the air? Even if today more than 50% of Italians prepare coffee with a pod or capsule machine, the timeless myth of the Moka remains unchanged, it continues to live in our kitchens, like a memory of childhood, of grandparents’ house, Sunday lunches with the whole family. There are different opinions on how to use it: we want to reveal our 101CAFFE’ method for a perfect Moka, an easy way to prepare coffee for one, three, six or even twelve people:

  1. Put water in the boiler, up to the valve
  2. Fill the filter with coffee to the brim
  3. Don’t press it
  4. Pass the handle of the spoon over the filter, so that coffee is evenly distributed
  5. Close your Moka well and put it on fire over low heat
  6. We recommend keeping the lid open, to understand when the right time has come to remove it from the heat
  7. The ideal time to remove your Moka from the fire is when coffee starts to rise and leave the column; you will get about 30% less coffee, but you will have all the aromas of the mixture concentrated in the cup
  8. At first coffee will be intense black, but afterwards a little cream will come out
  9. Once coffee is removed from the heat, mix it directly in the upper part of the Moka, to obtain a more homogeneous coffee
  10. To prefer thinner cups than those of the bar: the thick cups are used to keep the cream but contain less coffee; coffee made with Moka does not have cream in the cup, but is tasted in greater quantities
  11. Coffee should be drunk without sugar, to appreciate all the aromas that make up its taste
  12. Last but not least, after using your Moka, we recommend washing it with hot water or a neutral detergent, avoiding scented detergents or the dishwasher.

The scent of Moka coffee should be included as a therapy to combat stress!

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