PASSION FOR GINGER: Benefits and recipes

Whether because it’s in style, for wellness, for the taste or for the sake of science: ginger has more and more of a place in the pantry of Italians, who appreciate both its many nutritional properties and its particular taste between spicy and citrus. It’s used not only as an infusion, but also in combination with various sweet and savory recipes. And, to get to what’s most relevant to us—it’s also used in coffee.

Ginger Passion

What is ginger and what are its benefits?

Ginger is a spice which is obtained from the root of a plant of oriental origin, but which can be grown at home or on the balcony, all year round.

Scientific studies from various parts of the world have already established for a long time the numerous beneficial effects of ginger on health. We list the 10 most well-known: it improves digestion, prevents colds, soothes sore throats and coughs, relieves nausea, reduces arthritic pains (according to a study published in the medical journal Arthritis), fights diabetes (according to a study conducted at the University of Sidney), calms menstrual pains, relieves headaches, strengthens the cardiovascular system and helps in losing weight.

It’s as if it was specially created for our time and society, isn’t it? And yet, in regions like India and China, it has been used for millennia.

In order to make this extraordinary natural product suitable for the rhythms and needs of our time and place, 101CAFFE’ has included some very interesting and innovative ginger products in its range for all coffee makers and filters.

101CAFFE’ Ginger Beverages and Herbal Teas

The aromatic power of ginger is brought within everyone’s reach, including combined with other flavors that perfectly match its typical pungent notes. Some examples?

101CAFFE’’s Cuor di Zenzero Herbal Tea, in capsules for Nespresso®, Nescafè® Dolce Gusto®, Lavazza A Modo Mio® coffee makers and in compostable filters, with sage leaves and lemongrass, is perfect both hot, for an aromatic soothing effect, and cold, as a beneficial thirst-quencher. It is also available in a version with Sencha tea and lemon peel.

Instant Peach and Ginger Tea, with ginseng extract, combines the sweetness of peach juice with the pleasantly spicy flavor of ginger and ginseng.

Then, 101CAFFE”s Zenzerina Herbal Tea is not only available in capsules and in compostable filters (in this case, organic ones) but—a great novelty—also in pocket size, with the legendary Leone lozenges, with which 101CAFFE’ has created the “101 Italian tastes” line.

There are also oriental-inspired drinks such as Chai Latte Speziato and Garam Masala by 101CAFFE’, in which the aroma of ginger gives a mystical note, for a drink suitable for moments of relaxation and meditation.

We also put ginger in our coffee!

101CAFFE”s collection, in which coffee has the starring role, could not fail to include Ground Coffee with Ginger: a carefully selected blend of the finest Arabica and Robusta coffees, roasted with beech wood according to an ancient Piedmontese tradition, with the addition of ground ginger.

It’s a gem for the mocha, to be enjoyed whenever you want a slightly alternative cup, combining the aroma of the most sought-after espresso with exceptional citrus and spicy scents.

As we said, ginger is perfectly suited for the preparation of both sweet and savory recipes: from sauces to soups, from meat to fish to vegetables, fruit salads and many kinds of desserts.

Recipes with ginger: discover our 101 Recipes

Among 101CAFFE”s 101 Recipes, there are some really simple ones, within everyone’s reach, such as the ginger coffee sorbet or the ginger coffee shake with honey, cinnamon and vodka. In 101CAFFE”s “Le Sfiziosità®” range, we have also introduced ginger-flavored sugar, which can be used to make delicious desserts and drinks, and which allows us to personalize tea and other beverages with a touch of creativity, as in the example of the “Shortcrust tea“.

In the world of 101CAFFE’, beneficial properties and flavors go hand in hand more and more. If you’d like to learn more and experience the world of ginger firsthand, go to your nearest 101CAFFE’ store or visit the online shop and discover the 101 ways to enjoy ginger!



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