101RECIPES: Cold cream with ginseng

A delicious alternative to coffee cream, with no cooking and very easy to prepare: even for the kitchen-impaired. It only takes a few minutes. Go!

Cold cream with ginseng

Ingredients for 2 cups

  • 180 ml of fresh cold liquid cream
  • 2 cups of Ginseng 
  • Hazelnut cream to taste
  • Hazelnut grains to taste


Prepare the 2 cups of ginseng with your coffee machine (in the 101CAFFE’ range, you can find them for any type of machine). If you don’t have a capsule coffee machine, use the Ginseng sachet that you dissolve in a small bowl of boiling water.
Let your ginseng cool down.
Pour the cold cream and ginseng into a bottle and shake vigorously for 7 minutes.
Coat the inside of each cup with hazelnut cream
Pour the cold cream into the cups and sprinkle the surface with chopped hazelnuts.
Your cold ginseng cream is ready to be enjoyed by the spoonful.
If you want to change this recipe and always have a new taste to enjoy, instead of hazelnut cream you can replace it with cocoa cream, and instead of hazelnuts you can crumble chocolate or cookies. A drop of liqueur can also make this recipe suitable for special occasions.



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