The steps to open a 101 CAFFE’ store in Franchising: from the project to the opening


If you wish to start a safe business in a fast growing market, despite the economic crisis we are experiencing, 101CAFFE’ store represents a very interesting opportunity.

It’s the right time to start this kind of activity. Even during repeated lockdowns due to Covid-19, the domestic consumption of coffee and drinks (and most of all single-dose coffee, so pods and capsules), has even increased compared to the previous year.

This business could be moved in small locations, starting from 30 square meters. If you have more space, at least 50 square meters, you can choose the format Retail with take away coffee shop by combining the store with a small coffee shop where people can buy and consume in a single space, suitable for a family-run business or with employees.

If you want to have more details about this opportunity, take part in the free live webinar on Thursday 18 February from 17:00 to 18:00 with Marco Zannini, in charge of 101CAFFE’ Business Development in Italy and abroad and Angelica Chimienti, 101CAFFE’ Training Manager. You’ll understand how we will support you step by step if you decide to join 101CAFFE’ and manage your store with excellent results!

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render di un negozio 101 CAFFE' in Franchising

Here are some previews of the topics that will be covered during the webinar:

How we accompany franchisees for a new when opening 101 CAFFE’ in Franchising?

The choice to join a brand already established on the market such as 101 CAFFE’ allows you to cut costs and significantly reduce the business start-up time. This is ‘cause you become part of a structured network of franchise stores so it allows you to benefit from economies of scale and avoid mistakes that could cause the rapid bankruptcy of the business. We can support you thanks to the experience gained with the opening of over 120 stores in Italy and abroad.

The company designs the shop, supplies the furniture, equipment, goods, shopfitting and training, furthermore we transmit the necessary know-how to the owner and any sales representatives.

Training for the franchisee and any sales staff

You do not necessarily need to have experience in our market in order to open your 101 CAFFE’ franchise store, in fact there is a complete and continuous training that will allow you to carry out your business with excellent results right away.

The initial phase of the training is very important because it is the moment in which the franchisee begins to understand the mechanisms of the entire process and to relate to the company staff who will then be at his side in the daily management activity of the store. The training program initially includes a part in presence and, where this is not possible, through the online platform where the franchisee acquires knowledge of the products he will sell and learns how to use the software system. This training allows you to place orders and manage the cash desk, the warehouse and all the activity of the store. Immediately afterwards, operational training begins in the direct stores owned by the parent company and subsequently, by his own 101 CAFFE.

“Franchisees realize the advantages of being part of a structured and organized network right from the first training period, and then they have immediate proof in reality, during practice” says Angelica Chimienti, who at 101CAFFE’ deals with franchisees training.

101 CAFFE' - Negozio di bevande, cialde e capsule 101 CAFFE' - Affiliate di un punto vendita in Franchising

101CAFFE’ wide range is a competitive advantage to enhance

One of the strengths of 101CAFFE’ is the product: over 1600 high quality products and rigorously Made in Italy, to meet every type of customer need to be ordered at any time. This wide range of products is made possible by economies of scale and framework agreements with suppliers and it represents an important competitive advantage, not possible in the case of a self-employed business. ustomers can find In 101 CAFFE’ portioned coffee and drinks for all coffee makers and systems on the market, 101CAFFE’ Premium blends, typical of the various Italian regions and coming from the Best Italian Coffee Roasters, coffee makers, accessories and Le Sfiziosità® by 101 CAFFE’ (regional pastry in small size, chocolates, liqueurs and delicious products to enjoy your coffee break). Nescafè®, Dolce Gusto®, Lavazza®, Illy®, Borbone® branded products are also available in our range.

Our franchisee, thanks to a specific training, starts his activity with a good knowledge of the product and ready to welcome customers with a personalized offer based on their consumption habits and needs, just as our 101CAFFE’ slogan says: “Scegli il tuo Gusto” (Choose your taste).

“It is not enough to have a wide and complete range to get good sales results: service and assistance play a fundamental role in the purchasing process. Knowing the products and how to present them to the customer is an essential strategic lever for our franchisees, that is why during training we pay a lot of attention to this aspect”.

Negozio in Franchising di bevande porzionate, cialde e capsule 101 CAFFE'

From the shop setting up to the opening

The layout of each store is designed by the parent company, to offer effective solutions for the single point of sale, taking into account the different needs of each territory. Everything is studied in detail, from the choice of products to be placed in the store with prices and promotions, to the arrangement of the goods on the shelves, to the setting up of the shop windows.

Sign up for the webinar to know our team and find out how to open your 101CAFFE’ store, we will be at your disposal and answer your questions. If you cannot attend, register anyway, you will receive the webinar registration to watch when you like! See you soon.


101CAFFE', the only one franchise on artisanal Italian coffee
101CAFFE', the only one franchise on artisanal Italian coffee


101CAFFE’ is the most important Italian brand in franchising in coffee sector, for all coffee makers, specializing in the sale of quality coffee in pods, capsules, beans, ground and instant, from the best Italian artisan coffee roasteries, with 120 active stores worldwide and various business models, from Food retail, to Retail with Take-Away coffee shop, Coffee shop with Market and Coffee truck.

Open your 101CAFFE’, this is the ideal solution for those who want to start a business with a greatly reduced entrepreneurial risk and the support by a structured company for simplified management. Find out more on our page dedicated to our franchise models




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