Why could it be convenient to open a coffee store (pods and capsules) in franchising compared to an independent opening?


The coffee and portioned drinks segmentis having a phase of strong development despite the economic crisis we are living. More and more people appreciate the opportunity of preparing a coffee at home or in the office with coffee pods or capsules system, in a very practical, clean and fast way and having the same quality they can find in a good coffee shop. In addition, pods and capsules stores belong to the grocery category and are also open in the event of a health emergency.
If you are looking for a growing market to run a new project, our segment has a great potential but also some threats represented bythe big international brands and the mass retailers. For these reasons we suggest you not venture into this market by your own.

101CAFFE’ Franchising Network is also a Take Away Coffee Shop

What are the advantages to open a 101 CAFFE’ store in Franchising compared with the opening of an independent store?

We will answer this question during the free webinar which will take place live on March 19, 2021. Do not miss this opportunity to know our project and evaluate the opportunity to open your 101 CAFFE’ store, benefiting from the experience we have acquired with the opening of 150 stores in Italy and around the world!

During this online meeting Mr. Marco Zannini, 101CAFFE’ Business Developer, will discuss the following topics:

  • The importance of know-how to start a business
  • Headquarters initiatives for 101CAFFE’ brand development
  • Why is the integration of the physical and online sales channel essential to start a business in retail today?

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101CAFFE', the only one franchise on artisanal Italian coffee

Here you are some previews on the topics we will deal with

What is the know-how in a franchising network?

Know-how are the operational skills necessary to manage a specific activity that in the Franchising System are transmitted from the headquarters (Franchisor) to the Franchisees.

It is very important for us that our franchisees understand the value of the know-how and that the entry fee is not “the brand” but represents the network services (products, logistics and warehouse, furnishings, training, advertising, technology, etc.), together with the know-how that is transferred to the franchisee. The “know-how” acquired thanks to all the efforts, experiences, successes, mistakes, analysis, innovations, investments made and last but not least, overcoming moments of crisis, such as the terrible experience of Covid-19.

Managing a retail business in coffee segment (pods and capsules but also beans and ground) is not at all simple as it could seem. In the event that you open a store by your own, you will face many critical points as:

  • How to manage the warehouse in order to avoid losses
  • How to manage supplies and understand which suppliers can be trustable
  • How to choose the right products and set prices to maximize your sales

The right answer is the Know-How. We share our full experience with our franchisees thanks to a continuous training and an intense initial training program by headquarters and new franchisee store – and not only thanks to the Operating Manual that the headquarters deliver to the franchisees in the Franchising system.

101CAFFE' the widest range in the world of coffee and other hot drinks for every coffee maker

Digital innovation is a key factor to compete

101CAFFE’ is a franchising network where you find continuous technological innovation so it allows the franchisee to have all of the instructions and tools to manage stock, orders, promotions, deliveries.

Moreover and thanks to technology any 101CAFFE’ store is a unit, where the physical and online sales are perfectly integrated and the customer is free to choose how to buy with no losses in sales and margins for the franchisee that keeps save his exclusive area.

Nowadays physical and online cannot be considered as something different and digital innovation is the way to integrate them as a “must” for any retailer.

Unfortunately any technical innovation would be too much expensive for a single store / entrepreneur and this is another one reason to join a franchise. Here you can benefit from the economies of scale guaranteed by the network, today even more than in the past.

How to “use” the brand in retail

Behind the birth of a new brand you can find a good and particular storytelling. Here is ours as explained by Mr. Umberto Gonnella, CEO and Founder of 101CAFFE’:

“It was 2010 and we were living an economic crisis. This is the time when an entrepreneur like me is always looking for new ideas and new business. With a group of friends we analyzed the phenomenon of a well-known Swiss brand of coffee packaged in pods and capsules that, unlike other brands in other segments, was experiencing a resounding success and a really high turnover. That Swiss company was having a fantastic engagement with italian families.

One day my mother, to whom I was telling about this global phenomenon, said that the same well-known coffee brand was Italian. I was wondering: How did they manage to get into the mind of my mother who for eighty years has always just drunk coffee from the moka? How did they manage to make you believe that this is the real Italian espresso, when that multinational is a primary food industry? I thought about these questions for months.

Someone had to build a strong italian identity for espresso coffee packaged in pods and capsules too, its unique and authentic origin, handed down by generations of excellent roasters. So I decided to do it. I started from this point to study the market of portioned coffee and I realized that I had the opportunity to build something with many Italian roasters almost unknown and create a concept with high quality coffee in pods and capsules for all kind of coffee makers. It could sound as something crazy but this is the story of the brand idea and the birth of 101CAFFE’. I always thought big, thought Italian and this is one of the keys for our success!”

The intuition of our Founder was undoubtedly right, but the realization was possible only after the creation of the 101CAFFE’ brand.

If you only need a good idea, passion and entrepreneurial spirit to get results, for sure many companies would be successful, but in truth only a few grow in time. This is because the development of a brand identity and increase in results and awarenessrequires important investments both in money and in human resources committed every day to make it better!

How do we “feed” 101CAFFE’ brand every day and make it grow?

There are many initiatives we are facing, here are the main ones:

important advertising investments (exhibitions, franchise platforms, campaigns on the main media, both on TV, on social networks, both in the press, at national and local level)
cooperation with nationally and internationally recognized partners
attending to international awards , very important for our brand awareness, such as “Retailer of the Year”, the election day for italian customers who voted us as winners in 2020-2021 edition and in 2019-2020 edition (we won both times against a finalist as Nespresso)
experiential marketing strategies consistent with the brand identity within our stores to bring the customer to have a good shopping experience and invite him to come back many times more

All these elements contribute to create a strong brand awareness in the physical context of retail in a coherent way and lead to a great and important result: the customer, when he will need coffee, will immediately think about our brand and the store where he lived a positive experience, from every point of view. And he’ll come back to 101CAFFE’

We’re waiting for you at the webinar! Do not miss the opportunity to know our project and understand the value of our know-how with the contribution of some important members of 101CAFFE’ Team whom you can ask live the questions you like!

If you can’t take part in our webinar “live” sign up anyway: you will receive the registration and the slides.

We’re waiting for you at the webinar! Do not miss the opportunity to know our project and understand the value of our know-how with the contribution of some important members of 101CAFFE’ Team whom you can ask live the questions you like!

If you can’t take part in our webinar “live” sign up anyway: you will receive the registration and the slides.


101CAFFE', the only one franchise on artisanal Italian coffee


101CAFFE’ is the most important Italian brand in franchising in coffee sector, for all coffee makers, specializing in the sale of quality coffee in pods, capsules, beans, ground and instant, from the best Italian artisan coffee roasteries, with 120 active stores worldwide and various business models, from Food retail, to Retail with Take-Away coffee shop, Coffee shop with Market and Coffee truck.

Open your 101CAFFE’, this is the ideal solution for those who want to start a business with a greatly reduced entrepreneurial risk and the support by a structured company for simplified management. Find out more on our page dedicated to our franchise models




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