Fedele from the 101CAFFE’ in Morciano di Romagna (Rimini) reveals the secrets of his success with clients

Today we’ll introduce you to Fedele, our affiliate from Morciano di Romagna, who in 2017 opened his 101CAFFE’ in this small town in the hinterland of Romagna with just over 7,000 inhabitants. His store has had excellent sales results, despite being located in a very small town, and has done great business even during the lockdown.

What are the secrets to Fedele’s success with customers?

Watch the video interview and find out for yourself!

What difference did it make to be part of the 101CAFFE’ network of stores during the lockdown?

In this interview, Fedele talks about the support he received from the 101CAFFE’ parent company during the pandemic. The number one large advantage of being a part of the 101CAFFE’ network of franchise stores is the fact that you’re never alone in difficult months like the recent ones.

Every evening during the first lockdown that began in March 2020, Umberto Gonnella, CEO of 101CAFFE’, shared updates with franchisees on the ministerial decrees and from the major trade associations about store opening conditions and rules for making home deliveries. He also often organized long group phone calls to answer their questions and reassure them.

The 101CAFFE’ parent company has never left the network’s stores on their own in times of need, in order to guarantee continuity of business for all, with immediate and concrete actions, such as ensuring replacements for the sales staff in the cases of people infected with Covid-19.

How did we manage the business of 101CAFFE’ stores during the pandemic?

As our affiliate explains, during the pandemic, 101CAFFE’ stores remained open, because they are in the food sales category. The consumption of coffee in pods and capsules also increased considerably, because people, forced to stay at home, were unwilling to give up the pleasure of good coffee “just like at the bar”, or any other drink prepared quickly and cleanly with a few simple actions.

We have boosted services such as home delivery and developed our logistics system to be always ready to reach customers at their homes in a very short time! The social media campaigns carried out by the parent company to alert customers that the stores were open despite the lockdown and about the availability of the home delivery service have also been of great help to all affiliates.

affiliate of the franchising network of 101CAFFE' stores of coffee pods and capsules

What are the secrets behind Fedele’s store having such strong earnings?

A 101CAFFE’ store offers customers the world’s widest range of coffee and beverages in pods and capsules for all coffee makers, and this is certainly a good starting point for attracting customers, who know that they can find in our stores products in pod and capsule form for all coffee machines, with an unparalleled choice of flavors that satisfies all needs, and which can only be found at 101CAFFE’. This aspect is fundamental; however, as Fedele explains, an equally important key factor in the success of his store is his dedication to his work and the authentic relationship he has been able to build with his customers, based on mutual trust.

Customers are, first and foremost, people, and, in our society in which time is slipping away from us, they need to be understood and listened to! This is the real strength of all 101CAFFE’ stores: the ability to listen to the needs of the customer, which makes every visit to the store a pleasant moment.

This is the real secret of Fedele and the secret of all 101CAFFE’ stores! We look forward to seeing you in our stores, where you will find the warmth and hospitality of the neighborhood store of yesteryear and where you can indulge in the search for your favorite flavor by tasting the best traditional Italian coffees and tasty drinks.
We thank Fedele for sharing his great passion for his work with us.

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